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Generally understandable presentation of the medical quality

The Saxony Hospital Register offers you the opportunity to inform yourself about the medical quality in hospitals. The quality results are determined annually by independent institutions in a legally regulated procedure.

The quality is checked in so-called service areas. In these service areas the same or similar medical and nursing services are combined. The service areas checked include vascular surgery, hygiene and infection management, cardiology and heart surgery, transplant medicine, gynaecology, premature and newborn medicine, orthopaedics and accident surgery, nursing care.

The Saxony Hospital Register therefore only presents results of treatments that belong to the service areas of quality assurance. Detailed quality characteristics, quality objectives, evaluation procedures and target areas are defined for each of these service areas.

So-called target areas have been defined for most quality criterion. A distinction is made between three categories:

  • Point 1: "Quality objective achieved" means that the hospital's result for this quality feature is within the target range
  • Point 2: "Quality objective not achieved" means that the hospital's result for this quality feature is outside the target range
  • Point 3: In addition to the quality characteristics, key figures provide additional information. In contrast to quality characteristics, they do not have a defined target range. There is no qualitative evaluation.