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Are you looking for a suitable hospital in Saxony? The Hospital Register Saxony helps you to find the right hospital in Saxony quickly and easily. Various functions are available for the Saxon hospital search to help you find the right hospital for your illness. If, for example, you would like to know which hospitals in Saxony have two-bed rooms or offer occupational therapy, then use the advanced search, which allows you to search for equipment features of hospitals in Saxony. Or you can use the body navigation of the hospital search. Here you can visually navigate to the affected body region with the mouse and see the hospitals in Saxony that offer the treatments shown. The hospital directory is based on the quality reports of the hospitals in Saxony. These are updated annually, so that you can always access the currently available hospital data when searching. In addition, the hospitals of the federal state constantly update the information. A job portal shows open positions in the hospitals of Saxony.